Design Minded, our team is constantly looking for new trends and textures to achieve the best garments.

Conecting ideas and persons, we work hand by hand with the design team and we work together to give our clients what the expect.

In Bagami we are constantly learning and innovating bringing fresh ideas everyday.


  • Specialty
    Woven fabrics, jersey and knitwear. In Bagami we are specialized in kids department.

  • Sampling service

We have an in house sampling service with a capacity of around 250 garments per month and also we have a graphic department and design specialists for new developments.

  • Quality control
    All productions are inspected in situ by specialized QC's during production and its final stage.

All the garments supplied by us comply with the requirements of the major brands in the sector and we make sure that we are providing it within ethical standards where they are made.